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Bringing Common Stabilization to Uncommon Situations.


Keith Grube

Private Investigator.

Specializing in Workplace Violence Prevention & Protective Ops.

I have a particular set of skills and abilities which allow me, to help you, get projects completed. I am using the same skill set that allowed me to help others during difficult times.

I have graduated three federal law enforcement academies and one state academy. I have exemplary cultural diversity skills I learned while working and living on Indian reservations. That is all very informative and pleasant.

However, more than one hard core, grizzled man and even women have said, “I don’t care what you’ve done, tell me what you can do.” as they peered at me over their crusty old coffee cup, the logos worn off over a lifetime of use. Bearing that in mind……

I can assemble and manage a covert or overt protective operations team depending on the mission directives set forth by the client in 24 hours. This team can secure an individual and their family or high value items. The team can provide a safe working environment during hostile terminations or labor disputes.

Workplace violence prevention is completed by following acceptable options. Federal, state and local investigations are completed by experienced investigators. I have the uncanny ability to locate people for, process service or that long-lost family member.

I can train your staff in surviving an active shooter, building clearing and a host of other programs for yourself or security & law enforcement related training. Keep in mind that this not an all-inclusive list of the services that my team can provide you.

How may I help you?

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